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In the mid70's Waylon Jennings and his band The Waylors were a pivotal force that knocked Nashville and Country Music back on its boot heels. The press quickly dubbed the movement Outlaw Music. It was Waylon and a few other rebels who stood up for their right to create their music on their own terms. They abandoned the Nashville formula, the demands of the labels and assigned producers.

Forty years later, members of the same Waylors band are back on the road as Waymore's Outlaws, re-creating the classic sound they introduced back when. Their new tour is called "Runnin' with Ol' Waylon"- Music and Memories of Waylon Jennings, and it combines all the hit music with memories of their lives in studios and on tours with the Legend

A few years after the passing of Waylon in 2002, three of his band members formed Waymore's Outlaws to honor his legacy and keep his music alive. Since then, they have recorded three albums and played to rousing receptions in honkytonks and music halls across America and in Canada and Europe. In January 2014, the band signed on for four years of opening shows and backing Waylon and Jessi's son, Shooter Jennings.

Waymore's Outlaws today is a reunion of five Waylors: Richie Albright on drums, Jerry Bridges on bass, Fred Newell on pedal steel, Barny and Carter Robertson, keyboards and vocals. Covering Waylon's vocals and guitar is Tommy Townsend who, early in his career, was mentored by Waylon. 

The original Waylors in this band were all part of the Outlaw break with the Nashville system. They performed in studio on hits "Are You Ready for the Country," "Luckenbach, Texas," "Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way," "Theme from Dukes of Hazzard (Good Ol' Boys)," "Ain't Living Long Like This," "Bob Wills Is Still the King," and many more of Waylon's gold and platinum classics.

Waymore's Outlaws band members -

Richie Albright - Waylon's original drummer, longtime friend and right-hand man joined Waylon and The Waylors in 1964. Richie not only toured and recorded with Waylon but he produced or co-produced many of Waylon's records that are still being played on radio today. The list of other artists that Richie has played and recorded with, or produced their records, is a long one: Jessi Colter, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Jr, Johnny Rodriguez, Tony Joe White, Goose Creek Symphony, Billy Joe Shaver, and so many more. His pro career spans over 50 years, more than 40 albums, and he's still going strong producing and performing.

Jerry "Jigger" Bridges - "From Muscle Shoals to Music Row," Jigger is a native Alabamian and an Alabama Music Hall of Fame Award winning musician. In the early 70s he joined the legendary "Fame Gang" and played bass on hits by The Osmonds, Mac Davis, Paul Anka and Tom Jones. In 1978 he moved to Nashville. After contributing bass work on the "Dukes of Hazzard" Soundtrack and "The Greatest Hits" album, Waylon asked him to join "The Waylors" on the road. Jigger spent more than two decades with Waylon as session musician, record producer and co-writer. With more than 20 gold and platinum certifications to his credits, he still remains active as a session musician and producer.  

Fred Newell - A bona fide veteran of the Nashville, Memphis and Muscle Shoals studio scenes who has recorded with everyone from Waylon to Ray Charles. Having moved to Nashville in 1972 he quickly became part of the "Outlaw Music" recording scene based at Hillbilly Central, and also played in Tompall Glaser's band on the original Outlaw Tour with Waylon, Willie, Jessi and Tompall. In addition, Fred was staff lead guitarist on numerous TV shows including "Nashville Now"-for which he received five ACM Awards. He was the first country guitarist to ever receive an endorsement from Marshall Amplifiers. In 1993, Fred began playing steel guitar, which led to being hired by Waylon to play steel on his TV series "Waylon and Friends" and a series of concert dates. Having worked in the studio with Waylon, Fred joined The Waylors touring on pedal steel after the late and legendary Ralph Mooney had retired from the road. 

Barny Robertson - As the keyboard player in Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter's band "The Waylors", beginning in 1975, Barny brought a much-imitated style to the stage as well as many albums. His keyboard work is heard on Waylon's classic hit songs, including one of his own songs, Ivory Tower. Barny has produced and arranged over 70 albums for children, including Waylon's critically acclaimed "Cowboys, Sisters, Rascals and Dirt." In 1992 he was awarded a Grammy for children's album of the year. He has also been nominated for fie Dove awards for various projects. Barny was a member of Waylon's final band, Waymore's Blues Band. His daughters are the band Carter's Chord, for whom he co-produced two albums with Toby Keith. Since 2012 he has been producer and musical director for Carter Robertson's "Playin' on the Tracks-LIVE." After having played on and mixed two albums for Waymore's Outlaws, Barny has now joined his former bandmates for their new show, "Runnin' with Ol' Waylon."

Carter Robertson - Carter has worked as an artist, writer, and background singer in the music industry for most of her life. She traveled and recorded as the only female singing member of Waylon Jennings' band for many years-first in "The Waylors" all through Country Music's Outlaw era, and then again with "Waymore's Blues Band" the last 3 years before Waylon passed. Carter has recorded over 17 albums with Waylon and his wife Jessi Colter, her voice is the one people hear singing backgrounds on songs such as "Ain't Livin' Long," "Luckenbach, Texas," "Are You Ready for the Country," "Come With Me" etc. Recording credits include Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, James Taylor, and many others. In 2012 Carter's critically acclaimed memoir "Playin' on the Tracks" was released, as well as a film and album based on her show "Playin' on the Tracks-LIVE!" She has recently joined her former bandmates "Waymore's Outlaws" and is involved with recording and performing their new show "Runnin' With Ol' Waylon.  

Tommy Townsend - Tommy, who plays lead and rhythm guitar, is a native of Blairsville, GA. Waylon was a pivotal force in Townsend's life as Tommy had the distinction of being mentored by Waylon in his youth. The two collaborated several times over the years, with Waylon playing guitar and singing harmony on some tracks, and co-producing a album on him with Jerry Bridges. Waylon and his band took Tommy under their wings recording in the studio, and occasionally, out for appearances on the road. Now Shooter Jennings has produced a solo project with Townsend on BCR Media that will be released later in 2018. Tommy owns a distillery in Blairsville, Georgia called Grandaddy Mimm's Distillery, where he distills his grandfather's (Jack McClure) 85 year old Craft Moonshine recipes.